Leased reefers and FSMA–what’s the link?

The “rules of the road” are changing when it comes to food transport, due to the new rules from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Food Safety Modernization Act, commonly known as FSMA (fiz-mah). Leasing late-model refrigerated trailers may help. Continue reading

Nuisance fees: Fair treatment when you turn in a trailer?

Nuisance fees aren’t just annoying. They can cost you big.

Remember video rental stores? They were a product of the 1980s—the decade that produced jelly shoes, wine coolers and “The A Team.” Sure, video stores were really convenient. You could pick up a hit movie to watch at home, but it might cost you a princely sum, especially if you returned the videotape an hour late or forgot to rewind it.

That’s what’s known as a nuisance fee. Continue reading

Leasing trailers frees capital for fuel change

Carriers that are on the small side can feel like innovation is a luxury they can’t afford to even think about, let alone pursue. But sometimes the only way to meet your long-term goals is to take a chance on something innovative. That’s what Sheehy Mail Contractors did when they decided to switch their fuel from diesel to natural gas for their fleet of 96 tractors. Continue reading

Get a free guide to size & weight limits by state

Do you transport goods over state lines? Where do you go for state transportation regulations?

Have you spent time searching one website after another for size & weight legal limits?

Have you ever wondered how many pounds you can add legally to your gross vehicle weight if you have an idle reduction unit? (Up to 550 pounds in Connecticut.) Do you know which states require written proof of the weight of an auxiliary power or idle reduction unit? (Colorado’s one of them.)

Would you like a handy guide that has all the answers?Size & Weight guide for all states Continue reading